If you are suffering from an addiction, and you recognize that you need to do something about it, congratulations you've made the most crucial first step to recovery.  The Muskoka Recovery Center is filled with 'friends' that share similar afflictions, and with professionals that can lead you to change, recovery and the start of a new happy life.

Our friends have suffered from addiction.  Whatever the addiction, you can be assured that our team of associates and professional staff CAN help you Recover.

You are not alone, there are hundreds of individuals suffering like you.  Some in private, and some who have made the most important awareness of all and are not afraid to ask for help.  Make the call... see how we at The Muskoka Recovery Center can help you.
Do you have a loved one that suffers from an addiction?  Would you like to help?

Congratulations, you have found The Muskoka Recovery Center.  With an average of a 60% success rate, and one of the lowest relapse incident rates in the country, you can rest assured that your loved one will get the help they need to succeed in recovery.

We understand the needs of the addict, and we have proprietary techniques that succeed in helping them.  As our 'friends'... together we make the journey to a better life.  One without addiction or impedance.  A life where friends, family and a healthy lifestyle bring the kind of rewards we as humans deserve.

If you feel that you know someone with an addiction that is affecting their life, and that you would like to help, please call us or visit us in person.  We would be happy to discuss the options and services that are available.

There are no wrong decisions, except for the lack of action.  Find out today how we can help.


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Coming Soon ... SOBER COACHES!

Success fortification with Sober Coaches.  Muskoka Recovery Center will soon be the only Canadian centre with Sober Coaches. 

Stay the course, and stay on the right track.  Sober Coaches will help.
As a physician you share the same dedication to help those in need as we do.  You can rest assured that you have found the right facility to help those with addictions.

Our team of professionals are qualified in every way to help those with addictions. We are experienced and have taken great measures to provide the most effective means to the recovery process. 

Addiction is typically a chronic disorder characterized by occasional relapses. A short-term, one time treatment is usually not sufficient.  For many, treatment is a long-term process that involves multiple interventions and regular monitoring. 

The Muskoka Recovery Treatment Center has a proprietary program that tailors treatment to the individual and succeeds in treating the addiction. 

We boast a 60-65% success rate (with a  60 or 90 day program) which is one of the highest in the country, and we can claim that our incident of relapse  is one of the lowest due to our intensive Relapse Prevention Program.

You are welcome to visit our facility at your convenience, or click here for more details.
At The Muskoka Recovery Center we believe in total health, and the achievement of starting a new life!  With modern ideas, and the industry’s leading professionals, we
take recovery to new heights and success.  An elite facility where family members also enjoy the recovery process along side their loved ones through support and
observation and the best and only worldwide Online Family interactive program, Muskoka Recovery is one of Canada's most sought after recovery locations and is the
ONLY Recreational Recovery Resort of its kind in all of Canada.
If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction to Drugs or Alcohol we can help!! We are a unique Resort like facility so you can recovery in comfort, Health and
Wellness as well as Recreation and Activities combined with the very best professionals in the addiction field is what makes us so unique and the very elite in recovery
in all of Canada. We specialize in comfort and dignity in the world of addiction treatment.

A complete Drug and Alcohol free Recreational Resort facility located in the North Muskoka/ParrySound region of Ontario.
We have complete Medical Detox(specializing in Opiate withdrawal as well as full medical care for withdrawal from drugs and alcohol) services available in our Toronto
Location before you come to our Recreational Resort Facility.

With the usage of specialized treatments and therapies like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Expressive Therapy, Art Therapy,  message therapies and reiki, etc, we have
gifted new rays of hope to many clients. We also offer recreational activities like watersports, hiking, fitness, horseback, boating to name a few. All mentioned is why;
we have one of the highest success rates and lowest relapse rates in the country. Muskoka Recovery Center offers exclusive and effectual recovery programs as per
every individual’s case complexity. Once the individual chooses us as his recovery partner, we arrange an intervention session with him to understand the case
complexity and address further treatment accordingly.
To be more precise, we:
• have highest success and lowest in relapse rates in the country.
• offer guarantee on every recovery program
• get you clean by way of our non-medical, non-drug recovery program
• have a specialized, fully Medical Detox facility in Toronto
• specialize in being the only center in Canada to offer Recreational Recovery lifestyle programs for recovering alcoholics and addicts
• are the ONLY private Recreational Recovery Resort in Canada exclusive to those in recovery
• one of only facilities in Canada to treat methadone addiction at our Toronto Medical Detox
• provide family program live online as to recover families as well regardless of their residing area across
the world.
Being a primary choice for rehabilitation in Toronto, or Ontario or even Canada, we provide contemporary yet holistic services to cure our patients. To maintain the same
success story and give our patients a prosperous addiction-free life, we have highly experienced professionals who hold expertise in their fields. Under the guidance and
assistance of these proficient staff, our patients recover effectively and promptly. Coupled with strict guidance and the assistance of skilled counselors, the ambience of
Muskoka Recovery Center also helps patients to alleviate their affliction quickly. With almost 140 acres of complete serenity at picturesque North Muskoka/Parry Sound
region of Ontario, our center provides world-class amenities like Hiking and Horseback trails, fishing, canoeing, lounges, private rooms, meeting halls, large Fitness/gym
facilities, indoor pool, hot tub and many more. All these facilities together make us one of the best Recreational Resort rehab centers in Toronto and Canada.
We offer the only life rejuvenation program for those in recovery from addiction. You can book one of our 3 to 6 week programs that will help you relax and get back in
touch with your inner spirit to aid in your person new life recovery program. We will provide re-programming with the help of all our professionals and also be able to get
away and relax with using any of our many amenities. We will provide private accommodations along with a schedule that you choose and design while enjoying our
exclusive healthy cuisine designed with the help of a nutritionist and our Red Seal certified culinary chef. Yes being a guest at one of the only Recreational Recovery
Resorts for addicts and alcoholics exclusively has its many personal rewards.

In a nutshell, we are proud to be valued for our accomplishments as well as our standards and our diverse reputation for being something more than just a rehab center.
We are a recovery hub that is visited by people to enjoy the benefits of healthy living!!!
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